Mentorship 2020

Gold Membership $1,800.00 (Limited Time Offer $699.00)

It’s not too late! You can begin now.  You can start late or start early. thee official start of each, 1 month fast track, class is Saturday mornings. Every 5 weeks.  Everyones questions are addressed and you can drop in to new classes and current Zoom meeting all year to learn at your own pace and build your knowledge base. Get started now and your free organizer & workbook  will be shipped same day as your registration. Out of country students will receive a pdf.

Annual Subscription $1,800.00 $699.00 

Gold Membership normally $1,800.00. ($649 limited time offer to founding members – sign up ASAP!) We will mail you an organizer in advance. Also as a bonus, we will start having informal meetings in advance of the official start date. During these meetings it will give me a chance to get to know you and your goals.

The first class will officially start on Saturday August 22nd, 2020. This is a 1 month crash course to get you ready to started investing like Tom. After the one month you will continue to have access all year and may continue to enter and participate in Gold Meetings that have begun with new members. You must have a copy of your book ‘Wake Up And Smell The Real Estate’.

Please sign up now so we can send you your organizer in advance (USA only). Members outside the USA will be sent an electronic version which can be printed.

As this is a Founding Member Offer, this price will only be available for a limited time.

I have been helping people for free for years and I have received many of the same questions hundreds of times, and many of them are quite frankly, ridiculous.

People with important questions have got lost in the mix and had critical time sensitive issues answered too late. Time kills deals and I don’t ever want anyone to lose an opportunity. Gold Membership is the best way I can address the time sensitive questions.

Wake Up and Smell the Real Estate Premium Gold Course

I will cover everything, I feel, you need to know in 1 months time frame to get you jump started and thinking like I do and investing the way I do. I will have a private group meeting every Saturday for 1 month. Since this is a Founding Members course I am going to add two extra weeks to make sure everyone feels fulfilled and confident.

I want to make sure everyone gets more than they need to get started so I have added an extra two weeks to begin with. This is an exciting time with the Covid-19 incident. It is a good time to get skills and take advantage of the increased deals that I believe will come up in the near future.

Every Saturday for the first 6 weeks at 10am (CST) I will have a private invitation in the members only area with a Zoom meeting or similar, where members can engage in video chat with me and/or have regular text chat. I will address questions and share my techniques and experiences for everyone’s benefit.

This will include:

  • 6 months critical support to make your first deal.

  • A printed organization system will be mailed directly to your door (USA only). Other regions will receive an electronic copy which can be printed.

  • Creating opportunities with letters.

  • Assessing risk.

  • Approaching sellers.

  • How to make offers.

  • How to bargain and negotiate best terms and price.

  • Dealing on the phone and face-to-face.

  • Working with and without Real Estate Agents.

  • Finding buyers.

  • Flipping and assigning without ever buying.

  • Leapfrogging and birddogging.

  • Many new tips to have advantages over the competition.

If a Gold Member gets a signed deal, or needs my help with a deal, they can send a text to my private cell phone. I will answer either by text, voice recording or a phone call. This option is purely for critical events and you can only use it once so it should only be reserved for critical support and not general information. That does not mean one text, it means texts for one issue.

I promise I will do everything I can to try and help you keep and/or make a deal, but it must be critical support and not general questions. After 6 months this support may expire but may possibly be continued for a small fee. (Yet to be determined based on need and will potentially cost $50-$100 per month).

Gold Membership includes 1 year continued access to the Silver Members only area which includes:

  • Access to unique videos (not public on YouTube) created by Tom covering the content of Wake Up And Smell The Real Estate and much more.

  • Members only forum where like minded members can share their experiences and ask Tom questions.

  • Access and participation to two or more live (members only videos) per month where I will answer questions on real estate investment including members current deals and issues.  This will include flashback details on deals I have made the past and present.

It’s my goal to help you succeed. I know the extra help I can give you in this manner is important and will fast track you to becoming a very savvy investor.

I have made many great deals in the past. Most of them taught me valuable lessons and have motivating stories which I would like to share with you. I think fear is the biggest factor that gets in the way of creating deals, and I believe I can help you overcome that fear.

I want my legacy to be the guy who helped make more people millionaires through real estate investing, than anyone else.

Please follow the link below to sign up


"With Tom's mentorship class and reading his book I was able to purchase 4 homes in two months. One was a duplex and added exactly $4000 in cash flow to my portfolio!"
Thanks so much Tom!
-Ron D.

"Hi Tom, I would say your mentorship program is absolutely awesome! Also I love the workbook that comes with it and the fact that you tell us exactly how you do deals. I would highly recommend your program to anyone wanting to learn how to make money flipping real estate." -Glen W.

"Tom's mentorship program was worth every penny. He literally gives you everything you need to know to get started investing the right way. In a world of fake and disingenuous Real Estate Gurus, Tom gives you a straightforward and simplified approach to investing in real estate the right way. If you're serious about investing and making money, then Tom's book and mentorship program are the way to go. You will not be disappointed."
-Kyle O.

"Tom's input has been about as practical as you can get. The information provided is not speculation from some armchair investor, it is hard earned. I would recommend this mentorship to anyone interested in pursuing real estate investment."
-Jaspaul G.

"I’ve read several RE books and listened to even more podcasts and Tom is the best, most simple gameplan." -Pat C.
"I followed Tom for several months on YouTube, absorbing all the incredibly valuable information he was providing from his 30 years of real world experience. When he offered his personal training, I immediately signed up. Tom over-delivered and answered all of our questions, taking as much time as was needed. Some of those Q&A sessions lasted well over 2 hours. Tom provides amazing insights into real estate and lays out step by step how to be a successful investor."
- Shane P.
"Take the mentorship course. I have felt within one or two classes, I have already received more in value than what I paid for for the entire course. Tom is what you see what you get. He is dedicated to his students; our Q&A often runs over the planned time as Tom answers each and every question to his full capacity. The cherry on top of all this is the support that Tom provides after the course. If you want a real estate education, learn from Tom."
- Allen W.

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