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Tom McKay

My name is Tom, and I purchased my first piece of real estate at the age of 19. By age 28, I was a millionaire and I am now sharing my knowledge and experience to help you build a real estate business.

Limited Time Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee Until Aug. 27- 2022
You 72 hours after joining mentorship to examine and begin course. If you are not thrilled with the value you may terminate within 72 hours for a full refund. Only a $100. processing credit card process fee will be deducted. So I have eliminated all the risk for you to begin.
Course + Mentorship

Four week crash course, + three months of mentorship by Tom via Zoom Meetings and access to Tom's personal phone support on your first deal.
$ 1995 Includes first 3 months of mentorship
  • 5 lesson modules over 4 week period
  • 29 hours of class instruction by Tom
  • 2 or more members meetings with Tom every month during plan.
  • Includes access to library of over 159 hours of private member Zoom meetings full of valuable information.
  • Critical text/phone support for you when purchasing your first property while enrolled

Course Only

Four week crash course
$ 995 Course only
  • 5 lesson modules over 4 week period
  • 29 hours of class instruction by Tom

Phone Consultation's Little as $249.

Have a phone consultation with Tom a few minutes could be worth thousands.
$ 249-449 Click "options" below
  • Set up a phone call with Tom McKay
  • Will be contacted after purchase to schedule

Real Mentorship. Real Profit.

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